SAVE THE DATE - Arts & Heritage Day
February 8, 2017

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Arts & Heritage Day 2017
Wednesday, February 8
Cherberg Building on Capitol Campus, Olympia

Join your statewide peers in Olympia on February 8, 2017 to meet with your legislators. Talk about arts and heritage issues and cultural concerns in our communities and schools. Come and be apart of advocating for issues during the 2017 Legislative session!

Look for 2017 Arts & Heritage Day issues brief, schedule, team captains, list of appointments with legislators posted here in January.
Arts & Heritage Day Schedule
Team Captains
Map of Capitol campus & parking

What is the Arts Alliance's Role? The Arts Alliance provides the tools for advocates to participate fully and effectively. We provide talking points and logistical support! Volunteers from regions around the state take on the role of Team Captain and coordinate appointments with legislators on Arts & Heritage Day.

What can you do to prepare for Arts & Heritage Day?

  1. Contact your Team Captain and let him/her know you will attend Arts & Heritage Day, which legislators you would like to visit and may have a connection with or visited in the past.
  2. Gather Arts & Heritage Gifts for your legislators. Posters, mugs, or T-shirts with arts/heritage logos make excellent gifts to present to your legislator on Arts & Heritage Day.
  3. Resources: Schedule, Appointments with Legislators

Check in with Arts Alliance staff in the Cherberg Building, Capitol Campus, Olympia to receive attendee packet and name badge. Attend one of two orientations (8:30 am and 9:30 am). Meet colleagues from across the state, discuss arts and heritage issues with legislators.

If you can't join us in Olympia, call, write or e-mail your legislator. Write about how arts and heritage will contribute to Washington's future and how your legislator can help.

For thirty years the Washington State Arts Alliance has coordinated Arts Day, a gathering of arts advocates in Olympia. Again this year, we will partner with the Washington Museum Association to coordinate Arts & Heritage Day.

After Arts & Heritage Day

Call, write, or e-mail your legislator to thank him or her for listening. Reiterate any important points and make sure they remember you. Keep up that relationship - it isn't easy to start but, through a collective effort you've engaged with them, so use it! Thank them when they make a decision or cast a vote you affirm. Keep in touch. Be amicable and assertive.

This will be a great year in our State’s Capitol! Come be a part of the team!

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